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DG 2015-2016
Betty W. Frantum‚Äč

7309 Sun Valley Drive
Corpus Christi, Tx 78413
(H) 361-808-8991
(C) 361-215-6855

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Important Information from the District

The Corpus Christi Evening Club will be meeting at the Railroad Seafood Station at 1414 N. Chaparral St., CC, TX 78401. on Oct 1 for a special meeting. Mark your calendars!

THIS IS ROTARY - Fireside Chats - Saturday October 17th, 2015 from 8AM to 1PM Location: TAMUK/Kingsville Presenting Rotary Zone Coordinator David Norris - Saturday October 24th, 2015 from 8AM to 2PM Location: Double Tree Suites/McAllen Presenting Rotary International Vice President Greg Podd

The Shopping List for our Global Grants - Let's GO Shopping!

Girl's toilets in India - Edinburg Rotary Club $3000 ......they are looking for partners for a total of $5000

Monterrey Mexico Liver Hospital - Host Club Monterrey Cumbres Rotary - Sponsor Club- Rotary Club of McAllen $500....looking for partners for a total of $4000

School in India -Various school and curriculum improvements in Sangli India need a Lead Club for $3500

Water Project in Mexico - need a Lead Club and raise total $3500

South Texas Adult Literacy Project - Host is Rotary Club of McAllen - $1000 - Sponsor Monterrey Cumbres Rotary - need local partners to raise money for this.


We would like to remind you that, in preparation for the July 2015 invoice, all membership updates must be reported to Rotary directly or through your integrated local database on or by 1 July. Invoices are calculated based on the 1 July club membership reported to Rotary on or by that date. No adjustments will be made to your invoice once it has been issued, so submitting membership data promptly will ensure you receive an accurate invoice.
While these updates should be made through whichever process you currently use, we ask that you also verify that all the information is correct in Rotary.org.
If you haven’t already done so, please update your club’s incoming officer information in My Rotary. It’s imperative the names and email addresses of club officers are entered into our system to ensure continued communications through the leadership changeover in July.
Visit Rotary.org to learn more about the new club invoice. If you have any questions, please contact us at clubinvoice@rotary.org.
Best regards,
Lori Carlson
Chief Financial Officer
Rotary International


The Rotary Foundation 2014 Major Donor Video

Why are Rotarians in over 200 countries and geographical areas focusing on the Rotary Foundation this month?
The short answer is: because it’s time to give to the Foundation so the Foundation can give back to us.
But wait! Most people join Rotary to meet people and volunteer in their own communities. Who needs a Foundation to do that?  WE DO, so we can make positive, lasting changes in our communities and the world.
The Rotary Foundation funds international activities such as Rotary International’s partnership with the WHO, UNICEF, the CDC and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to eradicate polio. In 1988, polio existed in 125 of 196 (64%) of the countries in the world. Today, there are 3 Endemic countries left and 2.5 Billion children have been immunized against polio.  c from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Rotary clubs worldwide have contributed over $1.2 billion to end polio. That happened because Rotarians gave to the Rotary Foundation.
The Rotary Foundation works on the local level as well. Each club may apply for a Foundation grant to support their own humanitarian projects, scholarships and training. We give to the Foundation so that all clubs may benefit.
The Rotary Foundation does not spend money to make money. Donations are invested for three years and then disbursed to programs and grants. A portion of the interest income pays for promoting and managing the Foundation. All – 100% – of the donations made by Rotarians goes to projects, scholarships and training.
Why are we focusing on giving to the Rotary Foundation in November? 
Because now is the time to make a positive difference that will last for years.
See your club president, foundation chair, or our District Foundation Chair, Andy Hagan, to become a part of that difference today.
Rotary Foundation Month 2014 PowerPoint Presentation


Rotary brings together people like you — from all walks of life — who want to use their expertise for good. People whose sense of responsibility inspires them to give back to their communities.   At Rotary, we connect for good — and form lifelong friendships in the process.
Together, we work as Rotarians to…
  • Construct Playgrounds
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Honor our Veterans
  • Build Dog Parks
  • Clothe Mothers and Children
  • Fight to End Polio
  • Beautify our Parks
  • Teach Children How to Read
  • Provide Access to Homes
  • Promote Adoption Awareness
  • Give Humanitarian Relief
  • Educate the Next Generation through Leadership Programs
Rotary makes a significant difference in the lives of the people we touch.  And, we all have full time jobs!
With 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs worldwide, our global community’s impact has never been greater —and it continues to grow.
Have you thought about joining Rotary? 
Belonging to a Rotary club provides members with an opportunity to give back to their communities and to connect with like-minded leaders and friends.
People join Rotary for many reasons, including community involvement, personal development, professional networking, and camaraderie. But perhaps the most important benefit is the satisfaction you gain from making a real difference in your community and in the world.
We need your help!  Your community needs your help!   Now is the time!  Join Rotary Today!  


Ready for 2015-2016 ??

Hopefully these tasks and activities have been completed to start the next Rotary year.

  • Presidents, Officers and Directors appointed, elected and installed.
  • Presidents, Officers and Directors entered into the district website, so they can receive the notices and information from the district and RI. This is a function available to the current officers (may also be the 2013-2014 officers if you didn't do this before June 30, 2014) by logging into the district website at www.rotary5930.org. If your club has ClubRunner, then entering the information there will allow the names to migrate to the district. If you enter the information at RI through My Rotary, it will NOT migrate down.
If these tasks were not completed prior to June 30, your club may not have access to any of the services provided by ClubRunner, the District and Rotary International. Your President and Secretary will need access at some point during the year. Contact your Assistant District Governor for assistance. Not sure who that is - check out the District Organization Chart.


Rotary Foundation Grant Information


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