D5930's Million Dollar Dinner

March 11, 2017
Find out who can come to this special dinner.
Find out who is coming to this special dinner as the Keynote Speaker.

Is Your Club Ready for 2017-2018?

Next Year's officers should be elected and posted in your club website, the district website and Rotary's by December 31, 2016
Your President Elect needs to be listed as soon as possible and should register for LSPETS. Remember your Hotel Room - they go fast >>>>

Youth Luncheon

Saturday, April 1, 2017

TAMU Kingsville
Campus Tours, Luncheon, Guest Speaker
Four Way Test Speech Contest
More details in February

Rotary Youth Leaderships Awards

February 3-5, 2017
Camp Zephyr on Lake Corpus Christi
www.rotarycc.com under Youth Services – RYLA

Conference 2017

We are planning a CELEBRATION!!
It's been a fantastic RY and we aren't even half way through yet. (Sorry DG Debbie & First Dude)
More activities to come and then at the District Conference.
Start Saving the dates now.
May 4-7, 2017


Save the Date and start working on speeches.
Contest is combined with our Youth Luncheon.
More information coming soon.

Read the 4 Way Test Speech Contest Rules and Guidelines NOW.


Start / Support a Rotaract or Interact club

Do you want to empower young people in your community to take action, become leaders, and gain a global perspective? Sponsor an Interact club! Get information here.

Do you want to be part of a global community of young adults taking action for positive change? Are you looking for the chance to share your ideas and look at the world’s challenges in a new way? Join a Rotaract club.

Save the Date - April 22, 2017

The District's Annual Foundation Awards Luncheon will be held on April 22, 2017.
More details will be coming soon.
Followed by Grants Management and Certification for 2017-2018 District Funded Grants and Global Grants.



REGISTER ON LINE at www.rotary.org
Important Information from the District

  “December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month”

Rotary All Stars President Rose, Rotary Club Columbia Metro (2015) is my inspiration for this months Governor’s newsletter. She reminds us that during the month of December, all around the globe, peoples of nearly every race, nation, culture and faith will celebrate. Some will feast and dance and sing songs.  Some will make sacrifices, undertake journeys, and offer special prayers.    . . .

The “Story”

It is this time of year that I think about the stories of our lives.  As I reflect upon those stories, I think of the many different ways they continue to affect my life.  I think that “Story Telling” for me started early in life, as my mother used to say I told some real whoppers.   But those stories (which probably did not pass the 4-Way Test.) are not the stories I initially wanted to discuss this month.  I wanted to relate the importance of acknowledging and telling our own “Rotary Story.”
Exposure to different cultures ranks as one of the most powerful ways to promote international understanding and peace. The Rotary Youth Exchange program provides thousands of young students with the opportunity to meet people from other countries and to experience new cultures, planting the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding.
As with any Rotary program, volunteer support ensures success. The Rotary Youth Exchange program is administered at the district level under the supervision of the district governor. Rotary clubs interested in sending or hosting students must coordinate their participation through the district-level program. An effective Youth Exchange program relies on the dedication of Rotarians serving in leadership positions.
If the Youth Exchange Program is District 5930 is going to continue to grow and prosper - it needs help NOW. There is a conference at the end of January for interested Rotarians. Details are here - www.scrye.org. More Info on Rotary Youth Exchange
Please check it out and if you're interested, please contact one of the following:
If you are reading the newsletter or missed the graphic near the top of the website - here it is again.

D5930's Million Dollar Dinner

March 11, 2017
Find out who can come to this special dinner.
Find out who is coming to this special dinner as the Keynote Speaker.
Clubs are encouraged to support their President-Elect in attending, hopefully by paying for their registration, hotel and travel. There is also a training track for President nominees. Even if your president is serving for a second time, attendance at the PETS for their upcoming year is essential. They will find out the special aspects and initiatives for their year from 'their' District Governor.
Click the READ MORE about the premier training event that prepares Rotary Club President-Elects . . .
Hopefully all clubs filed the required IRS Annual Form 990, 990N, or 990EZ by November 15, 2016.
DG High is required to know that clubs are in compliance, so please send me an email confirming the return has been filed.   Please indicate whether your club files under IRC 501(c)(3) or IRC 501(c)(4).
Also please let us know if your club has a 501(c)(3) Foundation. We need to know if the IRS form was filed for it and its tax number.
Send any questions and your club response to me at Ross5357@aol.com.

Nancy P. Ross, Tax Compliance Chair



Our Lt. Gov of Membership Luis Cavazos recently shared a story titled "The Best Membership Training We’ve Had". He started out this way . . .
For the first time, we hosted an incredibly successful Cadre Membership Training in District 5930 on Saturday October 15, 2016 in Harlingen Texas. 
It was interactive and by the time we finished we had most of the answers on what we each wanted to take back to our clubs to implement immediately.

Get Ready Laredo and surrounding clubs!!

It's coming to your area on February 11, 2017 from 8:30 am to 1 pm

Details will be posted on the website and sent via email when they are finalized. Watch for them.
You won't want to miss this exciting training.
Several Rotarians and clubs have asked where certain information is on the District Website. Some of what is asked for is on the District website and some of it is on Rotary International site.
Here is a list of what has been asked for: (where it is on the District website - www.Rotary5930.org, no login required)
Click the Read more to see if I answered your question.
I have an idea for a project and I am putting together a committee to implement this project.  The goal is to raise awareness and funding to End Polio Now.  

We will ride motorcycles around the district in a 2 day event. 

Hopefully these tasks and activities have been started or completed to start the next Rotary year.

  • Presidents, Officers and Directors appointed, elected and installed. This needs to be done and reported by Dec. 31, 2016.
  • Presidents, Officers and Directors entered into the district website, so they can receive the notices and information from the district and RI. This is a function available to the current officers by logging into the district website at www.rotary5930.org.       . . .
Hi All --
As I wear my End Polio Now shoes for club visits I have gotten several requests for the shoes and clubs have been collecting donations for Polio Plus
I have been asked, "How do I get a pair of End Polio Now shoes like yours?”

Rotarian Art Bautista (District 5890 - Houston Metro Area)

What a deal he has for you. You will be able to help End Polio Now and get your pair of shoes
News from the Clubs of South Texas 5930
Ingleside Rotary Club hope this message finds you doing well and getting ready for Christmas season.
We would like to invite you all to our Paul Harris Christmas Party to be held on Saturday, 17 Dec @ 6pm at the Ingleside Municipal Airport.
The gathering will be to give away Paul Harris’s to local deserving members in a public setting . . .
From Juan Flores, President of the Rio Grande City Rotary Club.
We started off the day with our annual Prayer Breakfast, followed by a trip to HEB to stock up for our Thanksgiving baskets to be distributed throughout our community.
Click the Read More to see pictures of this important service project for our community. It demonstrates "Rotary has Heart."
RLYA 2017 will be held February 3-5, 2017 again at Camp Zephyr on Lake Corpus Christi.
All RYLA information has been updated on website at www.rotarycc.com under Youth Services – RYLA
For the first time, we hosted an incredibly successful Cadre Membership Training in District 5930 on Saturday October 15, 2016 in Harlingen Texas.  District Governor Debbie High and I did not know what to expect and we were very excited to find out about the much talked about Cadre Training.  Cadre Trainer Lisa Faith Massey delivered, as I’m sure all Cadre trainers do, an incredibly passionate and powerful presentation. 
The International Fellowship of Rotarian Educators is one of RI's newest fellowships. The website address is www.rotarianeducators.org. As you can see from the website, one does not have to be an educator or work in the field of education to be a member-just have a passion for or an interest in education. . . .
This email list is made up of the people who will make this grant to provide clean water to 1128 families (about 5500 people) possible.  You are the source of the pledges and donations.  Thank you all!! 
   So...it is time for a status report.
The Kingsville Noon Rotary Club, the Sunrise Rotary Club, the Rockport Rotary Club, the Burnet Rotary Club, the Corpus Christi South Side Rotary Club, and a private donation funded a project in Nepal.
The Rotary Club of Historic Brownsville hosts, in partnership with CPS and Children's Museum of Brownsville, an annual exhibit of portraits of children in foster care.  The event is a HEART GALLERY designed to help children ....
Dear Rotarians, 

I want to personally say “Thank You” to all the Rotarians who supported this year’s Rotary Adoption Awareness Picnic last Saturday.  Many of those attending agree this was possibly the best year yet!  
Today was a special Rotary day. Edinburg Rotarians packed 113 shoeboxes filled with toys and other goodies for children around the world.
District Sponsors
The Rotary Foundation

Your District Needs Your Help

Please search your files for project pictures and stories that were beneficiaries of Foundation Funds.
Send your stories to Ellison Crider at
We also need stories of Women in Rotary.
The 30th Anniversary will be celebrated as part of our District Conference.
Send your stories to Eddie Bartnesky at


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