Council of Legislation 2022
To: Rotarians of District 5930 (South Texas)
From: Arthur Zeitler, Council of Legislation Delegate (2017-2023)
Date: January 3, 2022
Re: Request for Council of Legislation Input
Dear Rotarians of District 5930 (South Texas):
I am our District’s delegate to Rotary International’s Council of Legislation (Rotary’s Parliament). Every 3 years, the Council of Legislation meets in Chicago to consider proposed amendments to Rotary’s constitutional documents submitted by various Districts.
Our next meeting will be in Chicago in April 2022 where we will consider 92 proposed changes. A number of the proposed amendments are duplicates or involve procedural matters that only affect Rotary’s internal operations at the Board of Directors level; however, some of the proposals would affect the operations of Rotary Districts and Rotary Clubs. As to these proposals, I would appreciate your comments prior to deciding how to vote.
1. Proposed Enactment 22-04 would change rules to no longer require the name of the sponsoring club be included as part of the name of the club’s satellite club.
2. Proposed Enactment 22-05 would provide a process for clubs to accept verbal resignations from members.
3. Proposed Enactment 22-09 would provide that a club’s mid-year report and previous year’s financial report be presented and adopted at an annual meeting of the club.
4. Proposed Enactment 22-12 would remove the prohibition on dual memberships, i.e., if changed, a Rotarian could be a member of more than one club.
5. Proposed Enactment 22-13 would remove the requirement that a member must work or reside in the locality of their club.
6. Proposed Enactment 22-14 would allow active members to propose prospective members in any club (i.e., not just their own).
7. Proposed Enactment 22-35 would make the Rotary Magazine subscription (and subscription fee) voluntary.
8. Proposed Enactment 22-36 would decrease the number of members required to charter a new club (from minimum of 20 to 15).
9. Proposed Enactment 22-49 would require that clubs and Rotaract clubs pay per capita dues for a minimum of 10 members (i.e., an 8 member club would pay for 10). 
10. Proposed Enactment 22-74 would remove the requirement to hold an annual District Conference.
11. Proposed Enactment 22-77 would add professional development to the 2nd Avenue of Service and Vocational Service to the recommended club committee list.
12. Proposed Enactment 22-85 would remove the club’s attendance report requirement.
13. Proposed Enactment 22-86 would instead change Attendance Reports to Monthly Membership Reports.
You can see the full text of all proposed enactments on the Rotary International website. If you would like to comment on any of the other enactments, please do so. I would appreciate receiving any comments by February 28. 2022 to allow time to complete my preparation for the Council meeting.
I am honored to be your delegate to the Council of Legislation.
Art Zeitler Council of Legislation Delegate, District 5930 (2017-2023)
PDG District 5930 (2014-15)