See the RYLA Flyer here!
What is RYLA+?
RYLA+ is a unique, multi-dimensional leadership development experience for high school sophomores and juniors. This program, highlighting Rotary values and concepts, was designed by Rotarians and RYLA Alumni to prepare students to be engaged citizens who are able to lead with strong essential leadership skills, such as communication, innovation, collaboration, and more. During this transformative program, students are able to make connections in a digital environment through interactive games and activities, while building the foundation for their skills. Students then meet up in person at the beautiful campground for an entire weekend of immersive activities, such as ropes and challenge courses, a problem-solving pirate treasure hunt, and team challenges. RYLA+ culminates with Rotary Warriors, an activity exploring Rotary International’s Seven Areas of Focus. Alumni are invited back to continue growing their leadership skills for years to come through service as staff members, increasing their responsibilities and contributions to the program each year. 
Key facts:
RYLA + 2024 dates:  
March 3-5                    Virtual sessions 
March 8-10                  Camp Zephyr In Person
Fee:  $425 camper fully registered by January 31, 2024.  No charge for alternates fully registered by January 31, 2024.
What Rotarians do:  get the RYLA + flyer posted on strategically located bulletin boards that will be seen by sophomores and juniors at the high schools you support. You can click on the link to open the flyer, then print it and deliver copies to the school sponsor, counselor, and administrator for posting.  Or, send the link to all your school contacts and ask them to print and post it.  They, or you, can also send the link directly to a prospective applicant.  This is also your marketing piece - everything the student (and counselor) needs to know is found by clicking the QR code displayed when you click the link - what RYA is, who it is for, and why they should attend. Plus the application!
(Click the link below to view the flyer and see for yourself!)

RYLA Flyer 24' for Students

What the students do:
  • scan the flyer QR code to:
  • read about RYLA
  • see a quick video about RYLA
  • fill in their application online
How you know who applies:
  • Each application is automatically forwarded to the Rotary club that is sponsoring the applicant's high school. You will get an email with a PDF of the application as soon as it is completed. You can review the application; you can ask your school counselor/sponsor to review the application; you can contact the applicant to interview or introduce yourself.  This process is at the discretion of your club.  This streamlined process may generate more applicants than you have had in prior years - you can decide who is designated as camper or alternate and you can have as many alternates as you like. Your club pays only for those you designate as camper.
  • Your club lets know which applicants you have agreed to sponsor, which to tag as an alternate, or which to decline (may not appear to be qualified).  Once you inform Christine we will send a notice to the sponsored and alternate applicant and instruct them on how to complete the release forms online. We are accepting electronic signatures from the camper and the parents. Rotarians and the school do not have to send or track the release forms; this will be done automatically.