The Southside Corpus Christi Rotary Club sponsors a Global Scholar - Crystal Nwosu. Here is a letter from Crystal about her experience.
Dear Rotarians of South Side Rotary Club,
It is nearing the half way mark of my Global Grant Scholarship period and all I have to say is: WOW.
Firstly, thank you again for selecting me and giving me the necessary support and funding. My actions will continue to support your organization’s aim to “Do Good in the World.”
I am midway through my program of study and hope to successfully complete my Masters of Science in Public Health. Every course and lecture that I have attended is supporting my career and allowing me to bring a fresh perspective to the area of focus such as preventing disease and child and maternal health.
The members of the Rotary club of Baldock, my host club, have been phenomenal. I have been looked after well and with their help I have transitioned smoothly into living in England.
I have been very active with the Rotary Clubs here in England. I have visited 7 different rotary clubs around the United Kingdom and given talks about what the scholarship has done for me and also what I intend to do in the future as a result. I have also assisted in various charity events that have been hosted and sponsored by the Rotary Clubs here in England.
I am sometimes overwhelmed at the outpouring of kindness and support that I have received from the Rotarians here. I did not return home to Texas for Christmas, but I was able to spend Christmas and Christmas Eve with a Rotarian and his family.
I have met upwards of 50 students from around the world who are using the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship to pursue degrees and careers that support The Rotary Foundation’s various Areas of Focus. It is absolutely motivating and humbling to know that I am associated with such an incredible organization that does so much for the world and the future of the world.
I sing the praises of the Rotary Foundation every chance I get. I want to thank each and every one of you for continually supporting Rotary and ultimately for each of you all contribution to making the world a better and brighter place.
Crystal Nwosu