On Saturday, July 21, 2018 several members of the Rotary International District 5930 Rotary Foundation Committee met in Corpus Christi, Texas to review The Rotary Foundation District Designated Funds (DDF) available for District grant requests submitted by our local Rotary clubs. 
Maxie Houser, District Rotary Foundation chair convened the meeting and 16 District grant requests were submitted by various Rotary clubs districtwide.  All of the grant requests were approved for funding and the respective Rotary clubs will receive an acknowledgement of the actual DDF dollars allocated for their community service projects. 
More details to follow and will be posted on our District website once the Rotary clubs confirm their desire to receive the DDF dollars. 
The District Rotary Foundation Committee members who represented various Areas included:
  • Maxie Houser, PDG, District Rotary Foundation Chair, Corpus Christi NW
  • Andy Hagan, District Governor, Brownsville Sunrise
  • Ellison Crider, District Governor Elect, Corpus Christi Evening
  • Eddie Bartnesky, District Governor Nominee, Harlingen
  • Debbie High, PDG, Assistant Rotary Coordinator, Rotary International Zones 21b and part of 27
  • Art Zeitler, PDG, Rotary Foundation Rotary International Zones 21b and part of 27, Corpus Christi
  • Elaine Hernandez, District International Service Coordinator, McAllen Evening
  • Juan Lira, Rotary Foundation Grants Subcommittee Chair, Laredo
  • Richard Hartwig, District Scholarships and Global grants subcommittee, Kingsville 
  • Gail Hoffman, Global and District grants subcommittee, Alice
  • Lisa Rogerio, District Annual Givings Officer, Laredo Gateway
  • Michael Dickerson, EPN Coordinator, Laredo 
  • Jo Anne Settles, EPN Coordinator Victoria Downtown
  • Alissa Adkins, EPN Coordinator, Corpus Christi Evening

We had good representation and terrific dialog!  I want to thank everyone on our District Foundation committee who participated this past Saturday
to review and allocate our Rotary District Designated Funds. Rotary clubs district-wide submitted Grant requests for additional funding/support for their community
service projects! Rotary: People of Action
 District Grant Applications 2018-2019 
Club  BudgetRequestDescriptionAwarded
Alice 6,0003,000West Alice Youth Center Improvement2,550
Brownsville Sunrise 8,4904,000CCCAC Renovation Project3,400
Corpus Christi 15,4504,000Driscoll Children's Hospital Prom3,400
CC Evening 6,2003,000Elementary Swimming Lessons2,550
Harlingen 2,022.461,011.23Sheriff Dept. Computer Upgrade1,011.23
Harlingen Sunburst 9,0134,000Pendleton Park Bench Initiative3,400
Laredo Daybreak 10,2004,000Immunization Day3,400
Laredo Gateway 4,6002,300Community Center Computer Lab1,955
McAllen Evening 8,5004,000Community Learning Center - Guatemala3,400
McAllen South 7,0003,500Shade for Shelter Animals2,975
Port Isabel 12,0004,000Fire Fighter Safety Equipment3,400
Rockport 15,0004,000Houses into Homes3,400
McAllen 17,9004,000Carita's Shoe Drive Project3,400
CC Southside 4,0002,000Wheelchair Ramp1,700
Laredo 10,0004,000Instructional Materials & Equipment3,400
Edinburg 10,0004,000Tim's Coats3,400
Veterans Scholar  4,4402 Veterans Scholarships4,440
Costa Rica  6,5602 Scholarships to Costa Rica6,560
Totals 146,37565,811 57,741

Be The Inspiration,

Andy Hagan
District 5930 Governor