For 54 years Interact has developed young leaders who take action to create a better world. Celebrate World Interact Week this 31 October-6 November and connect with Interactors worldwide to demonstrate how Interact clubs make a difference. Rotary clubs plan joint service projects, invite Interactors to their meetings, and promote Rotary’s youth service to the community.

Here are some ideas for various activities
to promote Interact and raise awareness of what we do within our communities:

Day One -  Interact Awareness
Wear your Interact gear to school or around you community to raise awareness of Interact. Show off that lanyard, shirt, pins, pens, etc.

Day Two -  Tutor Tuesday
Foster our community and international focus on education by encouraging Interactors to help tutor their friends, have study sessions, or volunteer at their local libraries after school.

Day Three - District Pride
In order to strengthen the bond within District 5930, we'd liked to designate Wednesday as a day for Interactors to wear their Interact shirts or show their District 5930 pride. They may possibly meet another Interactors as they are strolling around the district.

Day Four - School Beautification
Support your school or adopt another school in need by encouraging Interactors to initiate a campus clean up and beautify that school.

Day Five - Share Interact Love
Share the Interact Love by getting a clothespin, writing something nice, and clipping it onto someone else around school to put a smile on their face. Through our "Clothespins of Kindness" we want to show others that we care.

Day Six - Family Bonding
Host a school or a District 5930 bonding event to unify communities.

Day Seven - District Wide Day of Service
We want to give back to our communities on this designated day of service. Interact 5930's goal for this day is 5 hours per Interact member. Encourage your members to come to your volunteer events on this day! You can also volunteer within your city to get that hands on experience with helping your community.

To celebrate the 54th anniversary of the first Interact club, clubs can bake/buy a cake for their club meeting.
Also, send in pictures! Either post on the District 5930 event page or send pictures to for a future posting.
You can download and customize your Certificate of Recognition online! Copy and paste the link below in your internet browser for customizable certificate for participants (see lower part of webpage):

*ALSO…. SAVE THE DATE! All Club Youth Luncheon following the District 5930 Four Way Test Speech Competition will be held Sat. April 1, 2017 at TAMU-Kingsville. The flyer is located on the D5930 Website.