Hello, my fellow Rotarians and the leadership for the 2020-2021 year in District 5930, My name is Jack Alspaugh and our incoming Governor for this Rotary year Eddie Bartnesky has asked me to take on the task of Community Service. He and I both feel that if we become more engaged in our local communities it will help to build and sustain our membership and strengthen our Public Image.
I am reaching out to you as a resource to help with projects in your communities and I am looking to build a team of members throughout our District to accomplish this task.
In the coming weeks and months as you assume your leadership roles within your clubs I ask that you put forth plans to develop service projects that are part of the Rotary Monthly Themes if possible there are a number of district resources we can draw on Public Image to assist it getting recognition for your service efforts there is District Grant monies available to make your projects bigger and stronger. There are many ways to raise monies in your communities we can share ideas and collaborate with other clubs on projects like Polio.
 If you have members in your clubs that are able and willing to help me please get them in touch with me this wonder tool called ZOOM has allowed us to shrink the size of the district at least for communication purposes.
Let’s make this a Great year for your club and our District, “Rotary opens Opportunity.”