On Saturday, December 15, 2018, District 5930 Scholarship Committee members met to interview each of the three candidates who applied for the International Scholarship to Costa Rica.  Afterwards, the Committee carefully considered the results of each interview and thoroughly examined all the documents submitted by each applicant. 
After extensive discussion and careful deliberation, the Committee agreed to the following:
Humberto Garza was selected as the second student to participate in the Costa Rica experience. He will be joining Soraima Pirela, whom we selected at our November 10, 2018 meeting.
Because the Committee is aware that unexpected challenges may occur that may keep one of these students from participating in this experience, a first and a second alternate were selected. These students would be contacted, if it were to become necessary.
Paula Villapando was selected as the first alternate and Friederike Davis was selected as the second alternate.
I will be contacting all three students shortly to inform them of the Committee's decision.
Before closing, I want to thank Andy, Ellison, Eddie, and Richard for joining me and actively participating in our deliberations at the Dec. 15, 2018 meeting.  On behalf of all of us, I want to extend our deepest appreciation to Maxie for securing an excellent venue for the meeting (International Bank of Commerce) and for arranging a delicious meal to be delivered to us.  Maxie, please thank your staff for being so very helpful.
Juanita and I wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a terrific new year!
Juan Lira