REPORT OF ART ZEITLER, DISTRICT 5930 COUNCIL OF LEGISLATION VOTING DELEGATE on changes effective July 1, 2019 to the Standard (Required) Rotary Club Constitution (and other relevant changes) that directly affect the operation of Rotary Clubs:
1.  Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-18.  Added the following to Section 4.070 of Rotary International Bylaws:  “Each Club shall endeavor to build a well balanced membership that celebrates diversity.”
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2.         Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-22 to add the following to the Standard Rotary Club Constitution:
“In cases where a successor has not been duly elected, the term of the current president shall be extended for one year only.”
3.         Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-24 (as amended) as an amendment to the Standard Rotary Club Constitution to amend the provision on annual meetings to read as follows:
“An annual meeting for the election of officers and presentation of a mid-year report including current year income and expenses together with a financial report on the previous year shall be held not later than December 31 as provided in the bylaws.”
4.         Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-26 (as amended) to amend the Standard Rotary Club Constitution to lengthen the notice to the club members for any change of name or locality of a Club from 10 days to 21 days.
5.         Adopt Proposed Enactments 19-28, 19-37 and 19-39 which in substance made the following changes to the Standard Rotary Club Constitution:
a.      Deleted the limit on not more than 5 Rotarians with the same classification.
b.      Added:  “The locality of a Club that conducts its activities primarily on-line shall be worldwide or as the club’s board determines.”
c.      The restriction on public office holder membership classifications was deleted.
d.      Added the following provision:  “The Club’s membership shall represent a cross section of the business, professions, occupations and civic organizations in its community, including age, gender and ethnic diversity.”
6.         Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-29 to amend the Standard Rotary Club Constitution to allow satellite club financial statements to be either audited or “reviewed.”
* 7.         Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-35 to allow meeting attendance absences to be made up any time during the Rotary year and not just 14 days before or after a missed meeting (see exact language attached).
8.         Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-58 to amend the Rotary International Bylaws to provide:
“Further, the district may hold a district legislation meeting at a time and place determined by the governor provided 21 days notice is given to all clubs in the district.  If a majority of the club presidents in the district submit to the governor a request to convene a district legislation meeting, along with the items to be discussed, the governor shall convene a district legislation meeting within eight weeks of such request.”
9.         Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-70 to add to the Rotary International Bylaws the following as to the R.I. Board:
“The board may terminate a club upon the request of the governor if its membership fall below six members.”
10.       Adopted Proposed Enactment 19-82 to increase dues paid by clubs to Rotary (RI dues) in increments – basically $1 per year increase for each of next three years.
11.       Other significant changes that may be of interest to Rotary clubs and Rotarians:
a.      Rotary Board was given authority to change name of the “Rotarian Magazine”.
b.      Rotaract was elevated to an official part of Rotary (rather than a service component) – this does not change Rotaract clubs being separate, but will allow more staff support from Rotary International to Rotaract clubs (see attached for more information).
c.      Rotary International will become a 501(c)(3) entity for tax purposes but clubs will remain 501(c)(4).  This will allow certain tax deductible contributions to R.I. for Rotary conventions, etc.