Every district selects a representative to serve at the Councils on Resolutions and the Council on Legislation that take place during their Council term from 1 July 2017 through 30 June 2020. The Council representatives will represent their district at the:
  • 2017, 2018, and 2019 Councils on Resolutions
  • 2019 Council on Legislation
At Our District Conference this past weekend, we elected our representative. Congratulations to PDG Arthur Zeitler of the Corpus Christi Rotary Club.
Proposed enactments seek to change Rotary’s constitutional documents - the RI Constitution, RI Bylaws, and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. If approved by the COL, enactments become effective July 1st of the following Rotary year.
Proposed resolutions express opinions and make recommendations to the Board. They do not seek to amend RI Constitutional Documents but other RI policies, procedures and programs. If approved by the COR, proposed resolutions  are referred to the RI Board for consideration.
Please contact your COL representative PDG Art Zeitler at azrotary5930@gmail.com, if you have a resolution or enactment you or your club would like to propose.

Representatives’ Duties

Duties of a Council representative are as follows:
  • Assist clubs in preparing proposed resolutions and enactments;
  • Discuss proposed resolutions and enactments at district meetings;
  • Be knowledgeable of the attitudes of Rotarians within the district;
  • Give critical consideration to all proposed resolutions and enactments and effectively communicate his or her views on such proposals to the Councils;
  • Act as an objective legislator;
  • Participate in the Council on Resolutions;
  • Attend the Council on Legislation for its full duration; and
  • Report on the deliberations of the Councils to his or her clubs following the meetings of the Councils.
Representatives are also required to complete an online representative course and Council training at their 2018 Rotary Institute in preparation for the 2019 Council on Legislation. Their participation at the Institute is not funded by Rotary International.

Timeline for the 2017-2020 Council Cycle

A representative’s work spreads across their three-year Council term. The cycle is as follows:
30 June 2017Selection of representatives and alternates
Resolution submission deadline
1 July 2017Representative’s Council term begins
Late 20172017-18 Council on Resolutions (date to be determined)
31 December 2017Enactment submission deadline
31 March 2018Amendments to proposed enactments deadline
30 June 2018Resolution submission deadline
September 2018Council on Legislation book published
Late 2018 2018-19Council on Resolutions (date to be determined)
February 2019Statements of Support and Opposition deadline
April 2019 (tentative)2019 Council on Legislation
30 June 2019Resolution submission deadline
Late 2019 2019-20Council on Resolutions (date to be determined)
30 June 2020Representative’s Council term ends