Camille Playhouse Sound Upgrade by the Historic Brownsville Rotary Club

Grant monies were requested to assist the non-profit, Camille Playhouse, upgrade its sound technology. By upgrading the sound equipment, we hoped to
improve the overall experience of the attending patrons and that of the local talented artists who participate in the various plays held throughout the year. Our
project goal was to help maintain a place that unites the community, fosters relationships and has a lasting impact on its artists.

With the grant monies awarded, equipment was researched and most was purchased in October of 2019. Several Rotarians helped install this equipment in
December 2019. The intent was to have the sound equipment ready for the 2019-2020 largest production of the season, Disney's Beauty and Beast, held
in December 2020. The goal was accomplished. Double AA Batteries for some of the wireless equipment were also purchased in December after we learned
roughly 100 batteries are needed per production. Everything took place at the Camille Playhouse located at 1 Dean Porter Park in Brownsville, TX.