August is Membership and New Club Development Month
It is hard to believe that July which earmarks the beginning of our new Rotary year as come and gone. Rotarians districtwide are busy organizing and planning community and international service projects, various fund raisers, blood drives, back to school activities, and fellowship gatherings.  But equally as important, many of our Rotary clubs have responded to a call to action to provide disaster relief assistance for so many communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey last year and the flood damage to over 15,000 resident homes in the Rio Grande valley this year.  I applaud the efforts of our Rotary clubs that have partnered with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Food Bank, Samaritan Purse, and Habitat for Humanity to address the immediate and anticipated long term needs in these communities.  You have truly embodied the idea of Rotary: People of Action and our Rotary motto: Service Above Self.
August is Membership and New Club Development Month. Barry Rassin, our RI President challenges everyone to do more, be more, and encourages us to invite our family, friends, and business associates to our Rotary club meetings, fun raisers, and service projects so they can gain a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and how and why we do the things we do to impact the lives of others locally and globally. 
As I begin visiting with each of our 50 Rotary clubs representing nearly 1,865 extraordinary Rotarians, I am amazed at the size of our District that extends from Victoria, west to Laredo, and south all the way to Port Isabel, Texas.  I am mindful of the opportunity that exists for Rotary clubs to consider sponsoring a new Rotary club, satellite club, or perhaps an EarlyAct, Rotaract, or Interact club in their community or in a nearby town where no Rotary club or Rotary youth program exists at this time.  Every community should be able to enjoy and benefit from the services rendered by a Rotary club and/or an affiliate in their local.  
We are the face of Rotary in our community, it is our service that represents our life blood, our contribution towards a brighter tomorrow that begins today.   In closing, I encourage everyone to extend a helping hand and support your club and most importantly the communities for whom we serve.  Be The Inspiration!