I am happy to report that many Rotary clubs throughout our Rotary District 5930 heeded the call to action during the month of September to support “Education and Literacy” by organizing, starting, and/or strengthening EarlyAct, EarlyAct First Knight, Interact, and Rotaract clubs and other Rotary youth education programs in their communities!  
Read more about three areas who have reached out with their hands and hearts and are providing hope.
All four Rotary clubs in Brownsville partnered with the Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) to establish Interact clubs in 7 of 10 high schools.  This is an unprecedented milestone and efforts are underway to identify and introduce Interact into other high schools in the local area.  We thank the BISD superintendent, principals, Rotary club presidents, club advisors, and school sponsors for their willingness to support our youth program.  Interact focuses on networking worldwide, character building, improving communication, developing interpersonal and leadership skills with an emphasis on engaging in community service locally and globally. 
Our three Victoria Rotary clubs including a satellite club continue to promote, support, and fund an EarlyAct First Knight youth program that is active in 14 of 17 of the Victoria Independent School District (VISD) elementary schools.  This youth program promotes character building according to specific virtues and emphasizes living in accordance to the Rotary Four Way Test as a daily educational component for children in pre-kinder to fifth grade.  I attended EarlyAct First Knight recognition award ceremonies conducted in 8 of the elementary schools during my District governor’s visit with Rotary clubs in Victoria last week.  Fellow Rotarians including the VISD superintendent who is also a Rotarian met and congratulated school principals, teachers, students, and their proud parents.  Efforts continue to promote the benefits and opportunities to include and support Interact and Rotaract clubs in the local high schools and universities.  More pictures in this Photo Album. Want more information about EarlyActFirstKight - www.eafk.org.
Other Rotary sponsored youth programs available to students include Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA), long- and short-term youth exchanges, participation in Four Way Speech contests, and Rotary District and Global scholarship opportunities. Please refer to our Rotary District 5930 and/or Rotary International websites (rotary5930.org and rotary.org) for more details.
The month of October emphasizes economic and community development that is one of The Rotary Foundation’s six areas of focus.  Rotary clubs all over the world work with communities to enhance economic and community development. Every community has different needs and different opportunities to serve. ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT STRATEGIES is a Rotary publication (Ref: rotary.org) intended to help ask the right questions, identify real needs, and make the greatest possible impact with the time, energy, and resources available for further consideration.  The desired outcomes should be transformational in nature supporting the idea of thinking globally and acting locally with results that are measurable, significant, impactful, and sustainable within the communities where Rotarians have directed and engaged in humanitarian efforts.
Remember that we are the face of Rotary in our community.  Our humanitarian service represents the life blood in our community that provides hope for a brighter tomorrow that begins today.   I encourage everyone to help identify and prioritize local economic development needs, support your club, extend a helping hand and take action to assist the communities for whom we serve.