Thank you for your efforts and enthusiasm in growing our district membership.  We are at a net positive of 50 members as of February 2017.  We are #1 in Zone 21b.  Congratulations!!!!!
My message to all Rotary members of our great district is that membership development is the responsibility of each and every one of us; and if you have not brought in a members this Rotary year,
please look around you circle of influence, and look for those people that would make great Rotarians.  If you find the person that is a Rotarian and does not know it yet, bingo! Guess what? This takes care of our retention efforts at the point of sale.  We are the point of the race where we need to sprint it in!!!!
Our Ignite Program has proven to help clubs grow and retain members.  Please send the reports to me via email to and/or call me at 956-592-2145 if you have questions about it.  It is never too late to start implementing the program.
Your Rotary Friend,
Luis Cavazos, Lt. Governor of Membership