EarlyAct FirstKnight® (or EAFK) is a powerful, daily character education program for elementary and middle schools, made available by The Knights of The Guild and Rotary. Created by Dr. Randall Parr and sponsored by local Rotary Clubs, EAFK creatively teaches and motivates students to become more civil, service-oriented people during their most formative years.
Several clubs across the district have established the EAFK program in local elementary schools. The students, schools and clubs are stepping up to the challenge of service projects, giving back to the community and giving to the Rotary Foundation for Polio Plus.
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Rose Shaw Elementary, sponsored by Southside Corpus Christi was recently recognized for bringing Christmas Cheer. Read the whole story here - http://www.kristv.com/story/33847334/volunteers-bring-christmas-cheer-to-the-ronald-mcdonald-house
The Victoria Northside Club's President Bret Baldwin challenged his members and the four Elementary Schools they sponsor to raise money for Polio Plus. Just look at the numbers:
School Donation By club Matched by Gates Foundation Total to Polio Plus
F.W. Gross Elementary $119.90 $119.90 $479.60 $719.40
Chandler Elementary $230.59 $230.59 $922.36 $1383.54
Vickers Elementary $1064.32 $300.00 $2728.64 $4092.96
Shields Elementary $161.69 $161.69 $646.76 $970.14
Great job everyone.