Opportunities for an "e" club and satellite club(s) will also be explored by South Texas District 5930. An active Extension Committee is sourcing the District for practical solid growth opportunities.

Ignite is also an extension program.  Some criteria for deciding to start a satellite club or new club include:

  • Your club has grown to a practical limit for its members.
  • Your club has lost several members who would like to continue in Rotary, but can’t for logistical reasons.
  • Your District Governor or his/her staff have identified a need for a new club based on demographics.
  • There is an unmet community need that can be identified and filled with a particular Rotary Club.

If you would like more information about starting a new club, eClub, or Satellite club please contact PDG JD Simpson, (361) 550-2907, jdstotary5930@gmail.com or Debbie High, Lieutenant Governor – Membership, (301) 524-7091 (Cell) dghrotary5930@gmail.com