Rotary All Stars – it is hard to believe, but the end of the Rotary year has arrived.    
It has been a great year!  “How great you ask?” 
As I prepared this “State of the District” report, originally, I had planned to have one section on the district and one on our clubs. 
I then realized this was inconsistent with the message I have been bringing to clubs all year long, which is –
our district IS our clubs, nothing more and nothing less. 
The district organization exists for one purpose and that is to
  • support and strengthen clubs, as we
  • enhance our public image, and
  • focus and increase our clubs’ humanitarian service.
I will briefly review how our clubs are doing and how that translates to our district-wide results.
I am happy to report that the state of our district is strong! 
Of course, we have our challenges, but most of our clubs are “Flying High with Rotary Serving Humanity.”
Let’s start with what historically has been the biggest challenge:
You know since 2006 membership continues to be a challenge. 
Many clubs had only been able to ATTRACT enough new members just to stay even. 
In Rotary Year 2013-2014 PDG Maxie Houser, PDG Art Zeitler, and in my role as the first LTG Membership, –  we prepared to Pilot and Launch the Ignite best practices “toolkit” for
  1. Attracting New Members
  2. Engaging our current and new members and
  3. Retaining our members.
Prior to Ignite our clubs and District collectively were dead last in our paired Zones of 22 Districts for over ten years.
I am happy to report, completing the 4th Year of Ignite – as of June 12, 2017, this year, we have remained Number 1, in our paired Zones, both in membership growth by number and percentage.
  • June 12, 2017 – we have a net gain of 86 new members – a 4.41% growth
  • This report does NOT include 5 of the new members for The Laredo Rotary Club or 10 of the new members for the San Benito Rotary Club.
  • If you have new members in your club - PLEASE register them NOW – let’s make history together!
You are Flying High with Rotary Serving Humanity!
Continuing with the Trilogy Continuum
Public Image.
The District organization has provided tools and resources to help clubs and the district strengthen our public image:
  • A Website that is now Rotary Master Brand compliant
  • Website traffic is UP -RY 2015-2016 - 2,315 users.RY 2016-2017 estimate greater than 10,700 users by 30 June, an increased usage of 462%.
  • A District APP (393 downloads, reaching 24 countries)
  • Crisis Communication Plan
  • Multiple Training opportunities on Public Image, Rotary Awareness and Rotary Brand Central
  • Clubs (and the District) have an increased presence in print, news and social media.
  • We will be recognized at the Zone Institute in Houston (Sept. 2017) with the Zone 21b and 27 Public Image Award.
Continuing with the Trilogy Continuum
- Million Dollar Dinner ($1,731,166)
- Benefactors:   39 (next highest was RY 2013-2014 with 11)
- Bequest Society:  43 (next highest was RY 2013-2014 with 11)
- Major Donors:  8 (next highest was RY 2013-2014 with 6)
- End Polio Now Initiatives and giving (25 June 2017)
  • Inaugural Rotary Polio MOTO event in District 5930
    • $10K +/-
  • Night at the Vipers End Polio Now in the Valley
    • $15K +/-
Goal:  $55,265
Actual Giving:  $82,245 (RY 2016-2017 highest year of giving)
Goal:   $265,000
Actual Giving (25 June):  $193,880 (RY 2014-2015 total $253,725)
Non-Giving Clubs:   12 (RY 2014-2015 zero non-giving clubs)
Let’s make history together so in RY 2019-2020 (DG Ellison Crider) we will have a record number of grants available for our clubs to do good in their communities.
Congratulations on a focus and increase of our clubs’ humanitarian service to our local and global communities this Rotary year.
Continue to share your Rotary story.
Thank you again for allowing us to serve you and serve with you.
Together we continue to Fly High with Rotary!
We are Rotary Serving Humanity!
The excitement continues to build for the next Rotary year. 
We wish DG Betty, her District Leadership Team, and the incoming Presidents, club officers and our fellow Rotarians much success and a year of Rotary:  Making a Difference.
Debbie and Joe (First Dude)
Rotary International District 5930
District Governor 2016-2017
Deborah High