District 5930 Governor Andy Hagan emphasizes the fact that  ROTARIANS HAVE HEART!  In every respect, he is RIGHT.  Rotary Founder Paul Harris said:
Heart—our compassion for those with needs.
Head---our intelligence used to fashion a resolution.
Hand---we are PEOPLE OF ACTION.
Governor Andy also reminds that, along with great achievements,  HOPE  is yet another result.
How does the Rotary FOUNDATION fit into this equation? Why is it important?
Because contributions to TRF are not for the purpose of building a savings account. To the contrary, as TRF Chair Ron Burton has said, they are "for the purpose of Doing Good in the World," and "There is certainly no shortage of opportunities. So engage your Rotarians. Put those funds to work now.”
I am anticipating a great outpouring of heart, head and hand this Rotary year--producing HOPE and great achievements.  
As your District Foundation Chair, I ask that  EACH CLUB present a "Rotary Foundation Moment" at each meeting, even if it's 30 seconds long, and/or include it in a special spot in your bulletins/websites/Facebook pages!  
"Fodder for your forum" will be supplied on the District website, rotary5930.org, beginning with these BASICS:
Heart, Head, Hand, and Hope in 2018-2019!
Maxie Houser
District Foundation Chair