Hi everyone
On May 12, 1999, I raised my hand at my Rotary meeting in Vermont to volunteer to represent my Rotary district and go to Honduras to see what we could do to help after Hurricane Mitch. It has been 23 years and I am still doing what I can to improve the lives of Hondurans. Hands to Honduras is our tax deductible organization. It has built about 60 classrooms, electrified 5 communities, provided over 2 dozen communities with water, provided 2 ambulances, built over 100 homes, and provided over 700 computers and so much more thanks to Rotary and community volunteers utilizing donations from Rotarians, their clubs, their districts, and the Rotary Foundation. Many non Rotarians have also volunteered and donated.
The immediate future after the quarantine:
Finish a water project serving the 1128 families in 8 communities in the Agua Amarilla water district in Trujillo
Begin a water project serving the 5000 people in the five barrios of Rigores in Trujillo
Finish a water project funded by Engineers Without Borders serving Guadalupe Carney
Provide electrical connections for the Electrical Engineering program at the Technical school in Trujillo
Paint two classrooms at the United Nations school in Trujillp
Build a second kindergarten classroom in Maranones
Complete a kindergarten in Agua Amarilla funded by the Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Rotary Cĺub
Build a kindergarten in the community of April the 18th
And build two classrooms or kindergartens in two as yet undetermined communities.
Our US sponsor is the Port Isabel Texas Rotary Club and our Honduran sponsor is the Trujillo Rotary Club. I am a volunteer. Labor is provided by the communities.
We couldn't do any of this without donations...we are $2000 short on our fundraising goal for a kindergarten....and there are many more needs...addressing them little by little. A classroom only costs about $5000...a person who donates that total gets naming rights.
Please help!
Happy birthday, Hands to Honduras!
                                Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras
                                PO Box 1733
                                Port Isabel, Teas 78578
   United Nations painting
   Aoril the 18th kinder
   Maranones second classroom
   Rigores water project planning
   Agua Amarilla water project
  Agua Amarilla kinder
   Guadalupe Carney water project
   ITDES electrical project
    2 undetermined classrooms construction