Hi all
   Two days ago we had the dedication of a new kindergarten in Agua Amarilla, Trujillo, Honduras.  The 20 x 25 kindergarten was constructed by community residents....and made it so children did not have to cross the main road into Trujillo to go to kindergarten.  Funding was provided by the Lloydminster Saskatchewan Canada Rotary Club and Ken and Dorothy Carson...Ken is a member of the club.  The kinder was named in honor of the Carsons....Kinder Carson.
    I have attached photos of the kinder and dedication ceremony.
    Next week we will start a new kindergarten in the community of April the 18th funded by a grade school classmate of mine, Ken McCauley from Palm Springs, California.  And, a second kindergarten classroom in Maranones funded primarily by the Middlebury Vermont Rotary Club.
    Although a number of projects are on hold until after the coronavirus.....we are still moving on with construction of kindergartens.  Thank you for your support!!!  Please continue helping us make life better in the third world.  A reminder....$5,000.00 gives you naming rights for a one classroom school or kinder.
Yours in Rotary,
Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras
Port Isabel Texas Rotary Club
PO Box 1733
Port Isabel, Texas 78578
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