Global Grant to provide clean water to 5000 people in 5 villages

Hi all,
    As we near the completion of the construction of the water system serving 8 rural villages (1128 families) in the Agua Amarilla water district....we are developing our next Global Grant proposal for submission to the Rotary Foundation.  It will serve 5000 people in the Rigores water district.  We will not have a grant number until we submit the grant but please consider setting aside funding for it in the coming Rotary year...or saving remaining club funds from this Rotary year into the next Rotary year.  Also, for Rotarians who plan to give the Foundation in the coming year...please consider assigning your donation to this Global Grant.
    Non Rotarians can also participate in funding this project.  Your donations would be matched with an additional 50% from the Rotary Foundation.
    We have done an engineer's study and determined that our proposal will include the information that is included on the first attachment to this email.  The community of Rigores also has four adjoining neighborhoods.  Three of the five communities receive water infrequently from a system serving a larger area and two have no central water system at all...receiving their water from shallow wells and mud holes.  There are 5000 people within this 20 sq. mile area.  Our solution will be a deep well with submersible pump, a new tank and repair and expansion of distribution lines.  An engineer will be hired to supervise the project during implementation.  The communities will provide all labor as well as sand, gravel, rock and dirt.  And, of course, there will be a chlorination system.
    All the details are attached...including a funding plan that, of course, is subject to the whims of clubs and districts.  We know we will have participation from Vermont and Texas clubs and districts and possibly Montreal area and Taiwan again.  I will be attending my Zonewide project fair in Brownsville in September that includes parts of Mexico (the Monterrey district also also helped on our last project.)..
    Rigores is a rural community an hour and a half drive from Trujillo...but is still a part of Trujillo.
    I have attached some photos of the water sources for the two communities that do not have a centralized system.
   Thank you for your consideration of this proposal!!
Yours in Rotary,
Tom Plumb, Port Isabel, Texas Rotary Club
Hands to Honduras, Inc.
PO Box 1733
Port Isabel, Texas 78578