Hi all,  
     I have five schools/kinders under various stages of development...two are under construction and three are at various stages of planning...site visits, material lists, and, of course, fundraising.
    The kinder in April the 18th is now being painted...which means it is in the home stretch with a dedication in the near future.  I have attached photos of the exterior nearing completion....it is far more complete now....the windows, doors and bathroom have been installed....and the interior is being painted.  This is the only easy one to get to. The first 2 photos.
    The 2nd kinder classroom in Maranones...we built the first a couple of years ago...is underway but going slowly due to unrest in the community which has resulted in 8 deaths.  The 3rd photo.
    The third project being planned is a school far up in the mountains requiring a large 4 wheel drive to get up there and then a horseback ride (for me).  It was damaged by Hurricane Eta....and is a barnboard, one classroom school, with dirt floor serving 6 grades with one teacher.  Rather than make repairs, we plan to tear it down and build our standard new kindergarten.  Photos 4 and 5.
    The fourth project is also down a dirt road damaged by the rains....as they all are...it is an old kindergarten in a very poor community that has seen better days and does not have enough space.  We plan to renovate the existing classroom and expand it to include an existing unused kitchen allowing for more kindergarten space, the kitchen and a bathroom.  The next 2 photos
    And, the next is far away...near Maranones...is an existing kinder that is subdivided into two classrooms.  It does have 2 teachers but it is overcrowded....so we plan to add a classroom.  The last two photos.
    Oh, and I plan to marry my partner during the past 3 and a half years, in the near future and then adopt her 10 year old son.
    Thanks for your support!!!  Oh, and I am available for zoom powerpoint presentations
Tom  Plumb, Hands to Honduras
PO Box 1733
Port Isabel, Texas 78578