This is our Sunburst Rotary District Grant, a $5035.00 project with First United Methodist Church of Harlingen, TX.  Our grant and participation in the project enabled the church's Backpacks for Kids program to expand from six to seven schools in 2029-2020, and plan for future expansion in upcoming years.  Our program ran from about August 30, 2019 to March 13, 2020, when schools were shut down by COVID-19.  The Backpacks program has been extremely well received by the Harlingen Consolidate School District.  Our participation has enhanced our standing in the school district as an advocate for education, and in the community as well as a group of Rotarians who are willing to support local programs with our hearts and hands, as well as our funds.  In addition to the report and the financial record, I have included a power point that depicts our efforts in the Backpacks program.  I hope that this report meets with your satisfaction.
Yours in Rotary,
John Hand, President 2019-2020
Harlingen Sunburst Rotary