There is “Gold” in District 5930 Rotary Clubs
The first quarter of the Rotary year has been completed.   As the spouse of the District Governor, I get to see and visit the great Rotary clubs of South Texas.  Although I haven’t been able to join her in all of her visits, I get almost immediate feedback.  Her excitement is contagious as she describes the activities and services that our clubs are providing to their members, our communities, states, region and the World. 

October 24th is a special day as it is World Polio Day.  This year’s celebration may
very well be unique, even with the potential setback in Nigeria announced in late August.  However, I believe this announcement may actually be a blessing.  I say this, because as we close in on the eradication of the poliovirus, the need to continue our efforts to raise funds to purchase and transport the vaccine seems to disappear from our priority list.  This is a natural reaction.  Let’s make sure we do not let this happen.  I believe that Debbie is leading us in this effort during her visits by keeping our End Polio Now Campaign front and center.
So what does our Governor do?  Well she has fun.  She puts on a pair of funny shoes, and gets you to paint your Pinky Purple for Polio. How do I know this?  Well Bob White, others and I were some of the Rotarians at the Port Isabel Rotary Club meeting in early September who paid $26.50+ for the privilege of having a Purple Pinky.  Their goal is to have all members participate in this awareness campaign and raise additional funds.  I found that lots of people felt sorry for me when they saw my badly “bruised” fingernail, but I use it as opportunities to tell people (not only Rotarians) about our efforts to eradicate polio.  
October is also Economic and Community Development month on the Rotary calendar.  I am so proud of the efforts of my fellow Rotarians of #D5930.  The efforts of the Victoria area Rotary clubs in spearheading the community wide establishment and operations of Early Act First Knight is a great example of making a tremendous impact upon our economy and communities.  Lady Saskia (EAFK) related in her post on Facebook the impact this program is having on the next Generation.  A young Victoria EAFK member asked her to bring Sir Cass over to him so that he could tell Sir Cass that he was his idol and he wanted to be “Just like him!”   Rotarians it doesn’t get any better than that!
Life is good!
Yours in Rotary,
Joe (First Dude)