Yesterday (Friday, May 26th) Debbie and I were honored to be part of our Rotary Family to celebrate the life of Past District Governor Everett “Ev” Driskill. PDG Ev spent most of his life in Minnesota building and maintaining a grocery store chain. One of his sons described his Dad’s usual 80-hour work week was only part of his life as he wasn’t satisfied with just dominating in his business, but also strived to be active in “doing good”.
At some point, he joined Rotary and of course moved through the different leadership positions of his club, and beyond to be a District Governor.   He was an Arch Klump Society Member (  Then when he was 68 years young, he decided to come to South Texas for good.  In Harlingen he was not retired, but rather continued to lead in all he did - his church, service groups and of course Rotary.  Debbie was quite impressed with Ev.  She had presented her official club and board visit early in 2016 to the Harlingen Sunburst Rotary Club where Ev was an active member.  He served as his club’s Foundation Chair.  The year before, Ev conducted an “interview” of the Governor elect.   He asked her what her goals and objectives were and how she intended to achieve them.  He was particularly impressed with the concept of the “Million Dollar Dinner.”  At the end of both visits with Ev, he gave her his famous “Thumbs Up!”  We heard yesterday, that receiving his “Thumbs Up,” or the “OK sign” was a huge deal. 
All the information above was the “First Dude” bragging about the DG.  Which happens to be my favorite pastime.  However, there was another important concept that I observed at the gathering yesterday.  Fellowship is one of the themes of the month of June.  The gathering of the members from Harlingen Sunburst Rotary Club, as well others from the Valley, was a great testament to the concept of Fellowship.  I was treated to many stories of Ev in our short visit, and this was a great example of how his fellowship touched all their lives.  I am sure these Rotary members will continue to adjust to life without Ev, by utilizing the fellowship they enjoy.
So, in summary, make sure you seek and enjoy the benefit of fellowship within Rotary, in your region, district, nationally, and internationally.  It is truly a hidden gem of Rotary membership.
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Life is good!
Yours in Rotary, 
Joe (First Dude)