The purpose is simple:  Obtain more involvement and engagement between local communities and foreign cultures that includes Foreign-owned Enterprises (FOEs) or those businesses that operate globally, as well as those foreign/ethnic community groups and employees of diverse ethnic backgrounds..

Event:  UHV's International Festival

Please see the  flyer (click the image on the Read More section)  about the International Festival on April 19th from 6-8PM. 

Please contact the International Department at the University of Houston - Victoria for more information at (361) 570-4109 and we hope that some of you can come. 

The area foreign community is mainly made up of UHV and Victoria College students, FOEs/Global Companies and several various smaller ethnic groups (the ones that I am familiar, but there maybe more - Taiwanese, Korean, Filipino, African, Latin America, perhaps with some Europeans now that Aldi is soon opening). 

Victoria Northside Rotary:  Additionally, as Victoria Northside Rotary's President this year, my theme is Rotary:  Internationally Local, and we are highlighting throughout the year with service, recognition, and engagement opportunities with the foreign businesses, employees of the top industries, and students.  We earlier recognized foreign nurses, students and International Department of UHV, other area students, and now businesses. 

Our rotary club donated $2,500 to kick-off the event and are a major sponsor.

A few by-products of such are 1) greater culture awareness for all ages; 2) educational exposure and opportunities for school-aged children and college students who may not have an ease of a time meeting or traveling to foreign lands; 3) a chance for industry to encourage both their foreign national and local employees to engage with local community and schools through such an event for one-


Bret Baldwin, Senior Consultant

Straet Global Consulting, LLC

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