The following notification was received by Juan Lira, The Laredo Rotary Club and Debbie High, our Zone Membership Coordinator.
Comments from Juan -
Thank you and everyone else with whom I have the privilege of working for your excellent support, since our collective teamwork makes achievements like these possible.  I also want to publicly recognize Juanita for her extraordinary love and support, since she helps me to function at my best. 
With deep appreciation,  

Rotary International Membership Development

Dear Rotarian Juan,

The Rotary International Board of Directors have recently adopted a new recognition program called the Membership Society, to recognize those members who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication and commitment in sharing the gift of Rotary with others.  

A new virtual gallery is being designed to honor those members who have cumulatively sponsored 25 or more new members.  According to our records, and in recognition of your efforts, I am pleased to share that you are a charter member of Rotary’s Membership Society. 

In the coming months, the virtual gallery will be accessible through My Rotary, and will list People of Action, like you, who have expanded Rotary’s reach by sponsoring 25 or more new members.

Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for all you do to grow Rotary.

Brian King
Director, Membership Development
Rotary International