Clubs are encouraged to support their President-Elect in attending, hopefully by paying for their registration, hotel and travel. There is also a training track for President nominees. Even if your president is serving for a second time, attendance at the PETS for their upcoming year is essential. They will find out the special aspects and initiatives for their year from 'their' District Governor.
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for their year of service as President of their Rotary club in Texas and Southern Oklahoma.
One of the outstanding advantages Lone Star P.E.T.S. has enjoyed over single-district training, is that we provide an opportunity for club Presidents-elect to hear top level Rotary International officers as they speak at the Plenary Sessions. Additionally, these officers make themselves available to meet with smaller groups and with individuals sharing their insights, concerns, hopes and plans. To hear these leaders speak to a large group and then perhaps later engage them in personal dialog is a rare opportunity indeed.
P.E.T.S. is the acronym for “President Elect Training Seminar”. This is an event occurring one weekend a year when Rotary Club incoming presidents from nine Rotary Districts are trained for their new responsibilities. Basically, the program addresses leadership and management skills and reinforces the participants knowledge of Rotary International and its myriad programs and opportunities for service. Lone Star P.E.T.S. has historically been held in the Dallas / Fort Worth area because of its central location, ease of transportation and the availability of outstanding facilities.

The Lone Star P.E.T.S., Inc. curriculum is reviewed annually as are the Discussion Leaders. The material used in conducting discussion groups is the heart and soul of this training effort. Participants are divided into discussion groups of 16 to 30 trainees each, based on the number of members in their respective clubs. Each discussion group is led by up to six Discussion Leaders during the three half-day sessions. Evaluations by participants of Discussion Leader performance are taken very seriously by the Board of Trustees in a continuing effort to maintain the highest quality of training possible.

Realizing the great importance of spouse support for the club president, a separate and specific program of indoctrination and inspiration is available. Basic Rotary information is provided to the Presidents-elect’s spouses on the programs of Rotary. A growing number of spouses, however, are themselves Rotarians and/or are male, causing the program to be continually reviewed and modified to reflect new trends within Rotary specifically and in society generally. Our task is to improve on what is already good so that future generations of club Presidents-elect will be better able to lead Rotary into its second millennium knowing full well the best is yet to be

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