Discuss the following with your Club Membership Chairperson and the District Assistant Membership Coordinator assigned to your Area:

  1. ImageReview the "Ignite Every Rotarian Program" by understanding how to become a Premier Club and appoint a Premier Club Statistician.
  2. Appoint a Club Membership Development Chairperson and establish a Club Membership Development Committee (including young Rotarians).
  3. Set Specific Membership goals for your Club (with your Board and Membership Chairperson) before your first official meeting.
  4. Share your goals with the Club at your first meeting of the year.  Obtain their approval to "buy-in."
  5. In addition to the Governor's Membership recommendation choose (4) or more strategies from the "15 + Tips for Successful Clubs" and implement (1) each quarter.
  6. Follow the "3 Tips on Retention."  The New Membership Orientation Guide contains the following:
    1. "For a Friend" – Welcome to Rotary:  Mentoring Worksheet (pgs 11-12)
    2. "For An Assignment" – The Inventory of Interest (pg 13)
    3. "For Nourishment" – The New member Information Programs (pgs 3-5)
  7. Review "Preparing Your Club To Grow" – found in the President's Ignite packet.
  8. Circulate open classification list early in the year and periodically after that.
  9. Include a "Membership Minute" as part of your weekly meeting.
  10. Utilize your club bulletin, website, Facebook, Twitter page, etc. to promote Membership.
  11. Send representatives to the District Membership Seminar, District Assembly, Foundation events, etc.
  12. Set the example.  Sponsor a new member today!