Two important issues have developed. First it is a given that parties for our children aren't going to happen until next Spring or Summer. This is going to crowd the field some (I'll explain in a minute). Our clubs that have been having Fall parties will be delayed. CPS will advise when that time begins. They are asking that we group clubs together as much as we can to relieve some of the congestion. More on this as it happens.
Something considerably more serious has developed behind the scenes this past year or so that we all need to be aware. CPS has again rewritten the state requirements for organizations to become involved with what we started 21 years ago. As this all originally happened, the State would not allow ANY contact, one on one, between adopting parents and a child until the child had been selected with assurance of adoption. The State adjusted the requirements for us to have the parties, but only for Rotary. We, simply put, had a monopoly. That ended! We no longer have this exclusive and we are having to share weekends. This IS okay. The children win! Up to now each individual club or groups of clubs have been left to negotiate with CPS on their own. To put it bluntly I was blind-sided. It seems that CPS was put in a position of playing favorites, and that was not to their benefit. NOW it is really important that our 5930 clubs having parties communicate with me while this is all being sorted out. I will appreciate that.


One last thought for now, but not the last thought. PETS in 2021 and 2022 as well as the International convention in Houston in 2022 must be on our agenda to participate in the Friendship/Exhibit Hall. These venue have been the greatest toward gaining strength toward an international presence. Every RI President has been interested in what we are doing. It may not be long before Rotary worldwide believes the project has international significance. We can hope.
This leads me to informing you that this person to exhibit needs to be replaced. That is in the works and details will be shared as to how and what. I can only end this with as heartiest of a thank you possible for all the support offered to me. This has been a grand project that could only have been done with tremendous aid of you. Again,
Thank you. Lionel Betancourt

In that we will not have picnics for the children in parks because of the health issues related a new plan has emerged for this fall.  Our creative president of the San Benito Rotary Club came up with the idea of a "Drive Through" trick or treat event.  SOOOOO why not substitute a similar event for the children in foster care.  Find a parking lot big enough, ask CPS to invite all foster children (both adoptable and foster) prepare give away bags of treats, and have their foster parents drive them through for the treats.  A complete picture here would include the prospective adopting parents be the ones handing out the bags (on a six foot stick).   Meeting at a distance could be better that not meeting at all.  Any thoughts?