The Council on Legislation is held every three years and is the legislative body of RI.  The Council has the authority to amend the constitutional documents of RI, as well as adopt resolutions.  Every district selects a representative to attend the week-long meeting and vote on legislation.
Every district selects a representative to serve at the Councils on Resolutions and the Council on Legislation that take place during their Council term from 1 July 2020 through 30 June 2022. The Council representatives will represent their district at the:
•    2020, 2021, and 2022 Councils on Resolutions
•    2022 Council on Legislation
Representatives for the 2020-2023 Council cycle must be selected by 30 June 2020 and reported to Rotary International. Selection requirements and duties for representatives can be found in Article 9 of the RI Bylaws.
Who is eligible? (RI Bylaws 8.020.)    To serve as representative, a candidate must:
               Have served a full term as district governor at the time of election;
               Understand the qualification, duties and responsibilities of a representative;
               Be qualified, willing and able to assume and perform these duties and responsibilities;
               Not have attended three Councils as a voting member;
               Be able to attend the meeting for its entire duration.
Duties of the Representative (RI Bylaws 8.050.)
            Assist clubs in preparing their proposals for the Council;
            Discuss proposed legislation at the district conference and/or other district meeting;
            Be knowledgeable of the existing attitudes of Rotarians within the district;
Give critical consideration to all legislation presented to the Council and effectively; communicate his or her views on such legislation to the Council;
Act as an objective legislator of RI;
Attend the meeting of the Council for it full duration;
Report on the deliberations of the Council to the clubs of the district following the meetings
of the Council;
Be accessible to clubs in the district to assist in their preparations of proposals for future Councils.
Any club in the district may nominate a candidate for representative, whether or not the candidate is from that particular club.  The nomination must be made in writing and must include the signatures of the club secretary and president.  A candidate for representative shall not be eligible to serve on the committee.
Clubs desiring to nominate a candidate to be our District's Representative to the 2022 Council on Legislation are to submit the name of the Past District Governor being nominated, their e-mail address and preferred telephone number.  This information is to be sent to the Representative of the District 5930 Nominating Committee for 2020 - District Governor Ellison Crider, Nominations are due by April 15, 2020.