The Council on Legislation is held every three years and is the legislative body of Rotary International (RI). The Council has the authority to amend the constitutional documents of  RI, as well as adopt resolutions. Every district selects a representative to attend the week-long meeting and vote on legislation.
The Councils give us a voice in how our organization is governed.
Council Representative
Every district selects a representative to serve at the Councils on Resolutions and the Council on Legislation that takes place during the Council term from 1 July 2023 through 30 June 2026.  The Council representatives will represent their district at the:
·      2023, 2024, and 2025 Councils on Resolutions
·      2025 Council on Legislation
Representatives and alternates must be selected by 30 June 2023 and reported to Rotary International. Selection requirements and duties for representatives can be found in Article 9 of the RI Bylaws.
To serve as a representative, a candidate must:
·      Be a member of a club in the district represented;
·      Have served a full-term as an RI officer, likely as a District Governor, at the time of election;
·      Understand and be qualified, willing, and able to perform the duties and responsibilities of a representative.
However, districts should also consider someone who is:
·      Digitally literate
·      Able to complete mandatory Council training
o   Representatives are required to complete online representative training and attend the COL training at a 2024 Rotary Institute.
o   Participation at the Rotary Institute is not funded by Rotary International.
·      Able to attend the Council on Legislation for its entire duration.
Duties of the Council Representative
·      Assist clubs in preparing proposed resolutions and enactments;
·      Discuss proposed resolutions and enactments at district meetings;
·      Be knowledgeable of the attitudes of Rotarians within the district;
·      Give critical consideration to all proposed resolutions and enactments and effectively communicate their views on such proposals to the Councils;
·      Act as an objective legislator;
·      Participate in the Councils on Resolutions;
·      Attend the Council on Legislation for its full duration; and
·      Report on the deliberations of the Councils to the clubs in their district following the meetings of the Councils.
Selecting a Representative
The selection of the representative and alternate must be conducted in the 2022-2023 Rotary year and reported to Rotary by 30 June 2023.  Procedures for the selection can be found in Article 9 of the RI Bylaws.
Any club in the district may nominate a candidate for representative, whether or not the candidate is from that particular club.
The RI Council Representative Nomination Form for 5930  must be completed and sent to District Governor 5930 Kent Grier; Cc to District 5930 Secretary Darlene Pederson and include the signatures of the club secretary and president, and candidate. 
If a club nominates a Rotarian who is a member from of a different club, the Rotarian’s club must agree in writing for the nomination to be accepted.
Election conducted at the District Conference Business Meeting
Date:  Saturday April 29, 2023
Time: 2:30pm 
Location:Omni Corpus Christi Hotel
By the provisions laid out in RI Bylaw section 15.050.
Nomination Form Due Date:  Wednesday March 15, 2023 (11:00pm CDT)
A club nominating a candidate should email the completed form to DG Kent Grier and Cc: District 5930 Secretary, Darlene Pederson 
Confirmation will be sent within 72-hours of receiving a nomination form.
Please note: An incomplete nomination form or one that is received past the deadline, will not be considered.