Greetings Fellow Rotarians
As we approach December, let us remember to always serve others who have no hope or peace of where their next meal will come from. Remember to serve those who have no shoes to attend school, no backpacks fill with school supplies and snacks.
Thanksgiving is a time of reflection on giving thanks for our prosperity, health, happiness and family and friends. Let us examine our clubs’ compassion and make a meaningful impact changing lives.
 As we share the Gift to Rotary to others, we should be reminded how humble we should all be in this world we live in. Our challenge will be delivering value for the people we serve by becoming more focus with our compassion, the Power of One.
Together we can be Leaders of Change and Peace through Rotary is that pathway.
Merry Christmas may your holidays be blessed with Love and happiness. Wishing you a prosperous new year 2022.
Amando J Chapa
District Governor 5930