Posted by Luis Cavazos on Nov 03, 2017

Lt. Governor of Membership

We completed 120 days of the Rotary year and I want to thank all Rotarians in our district for all the work that you do.   The membership numbers as of today are at +11 members in our district.  Our goal for this year is to grow by +90 net members.  This is 1.73 members per club.  If we round off to 2 members per club, we will end up growing to +104 members.  Let’s take the challenge!!!!
3 issues I want to communicate this month:
  1. Communication/Education: I want to make sure that if I am not reaching any of the stakeholders on issues of membership, please reach out to me at 956-592-2145 or email at  Membership stakeholders defined as: Assistant District Governors, Membership chairs, Presidents or any other Rotarian that is interested in Membership Development. The mode of communication has been: Assembly/Training/Education in Robstown, RI Zone Membership Webinars, Adam’s monthly telephone education conferences, District emails, newsletter, & RI leads.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
  1. Culture – Old way vs New way:  As we communicate with different members throughout the district, there is a common denominator regarding obstacles that prevent the development of a vibrant culture in some clubs.  This has to do with some Rotarians that are resisting change. My response to this is very simple, if you do not adjust the club will eventually become irrelevant and will die a slow death.  This is a video that motivated me to get involved at the district level back in 2014.  I understood that the changes were critical to the survival of Rotary in North America. I also realized that Rotary International was supportive of this initiative.  I invite you to Google “Part 1: Membership: It’s Now or Never on Vimeo” and view the video.  I also encourage you to show it during a regular meeting at your club. This can help for some Rotarians to see the light and realize that we need to change!!
  1. Ignite Best Practices:  It is very important that if you have not implemented the Ignite Program in you clubs that you do so as soon as possible.  We had a training in Robstown on Ignite.  This will implement best practices in membership development in your club.  Please call me or email me for a quick start training.
Thank you for what you do for Rotary and let’s keep growing the right way.