It was an honor for Alice Rotary Club and Jim Wells County Veteran’s Office to present Patriots Day in remembrance of 9/11/2001 with Guest Speaker J. Karl Clark LT Col Retired U.S. Army. Nineteen years ago. United States of America joined hands, hugged one another tight, prayed for the loss and those affected by this tragedy. We were bound by One Nation Under God. Today we came together to remember those who lost their lives. Even though we couldn’t hug or hold hands we are still One Nation Under God and we will never forget the sacrifices of the first responders and civilians that lost their lives that tragic day. As Mr. Clark spoke on his experience and knowledge on 9/11 we could not help but try and hold back the tears especially as we looked around the venue and saw our very own local Veterans and local First Responders (Alice Police Dept., Jim Wells County Sheriff Dept., Alice Fire Department and EMS) supporting this remembrance day with us. We will never forget!
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Submitted by Sandra Bowen
Photo Credit: Sandra Bowen