Invitation to Join District 5930 in Supporting The Rotary Foundation, while helping club members become Paul Harris Fellows or Paul Harris Fellows +8
The District 5930 Rotary Foundation Team announces the Annual Fund - Paul Harris Fellow Matching Points Initiative to help support The Rotary Foundation (TRF), while also assisting Rotarians to become Paul Harris Fellows and eventually Paul Harris Fellows +8. This initiative will run from February 1 - April 30, 2021. 
Support for the Annual Fund is extremely important, since half of the contributions that Rotarians make to this fund are returned to our district after being invested . . .
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for three years by TRF.  The District Rotary Foundation Team uses to help us improve peoples' lives both within our communities and beyond.  The other half of the contributions to the Annual Fund are used by TRF to support global initiatives designed to help communities in need. Past District Governor (PDG) Ellison Crider is serving as Chair and PDG Maxie Houser is the Co-Chair of this district initiative.  
Rotarians who are Paul Harris Fellows+8, or who have an abundance of excess Foundation Recognition points, are asked to consider donating some of these points to a district pool.  Clubs may also donate some of their Foundation Recognition points to this district pool. Please contact PDG Ellison Crider ( to arrange for your donations. 
Rotarians who are not Paul Harris Fellows, or who have not yet become Paul Harris Fellows +8, are eligible to participate in this project by first contacting PDG Crider to inform him of their interest in this initiative. Subsequently, he will inform the Rotarian of the number of points that s/he needs to become a Paul Harris Fellow or some level of Paul Harris Fellow above. At this point, a determination can be made of the amount of the donation (from $250 to $500) that the Rotarian can make to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund and the matching number of Foundation Recognition Points that can be contributed to Rotarian's account at TRF from the district pool to help this Rotarian achieve his/her Paul Harris Fellow goal.  Please read the attached document for additional and more specific information regarding this important initiative.