We have and opportunity to collaborate with American Red Cross in the system to provide flood relief to Rio Grande Valley residents that have been impacted by recent rains and rising water.
We have reached out to the American Red Cross, Samaritan's Purse, United Way, and the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley all of them expressed needs for volunteers for financial support as a result of the recent flooding.
We encourage district and club leadership to answer this call to action by financial means and by lending of your time in volunteering to support these agencies for the betterment of our community in their time of need. 
Miss Cori Tanner represents the American Red Cross and will be our point of contact going forward as per her email below.
I ask that you pass this information to your club members utilizing the most effective communication needs to get the word out!  We are Rotary strong and ready, willing, and able to help our neighbors in their time of need!
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