Hi everyone,
    I have attached a current funding status for this project and a current bidded budget.
    The project entails a deep well with submersible pump, the construction of an 85000 gallon tank, tubes from the well to the tank, pipeline to the first community for hookup to existing pipeline in  communities, and then pipeline to two communities without water, a clhorinator, a pump and pipeline to a school without water, supervising engineer, and community education.
    I need to apply in March for a decision in June....so I am getting a little nervous.
    The budget that has up to date quotes stands at $110,398.00 which includes
a 10% contingency.  There are still a few items that need quotes.  Whether or not we will need a transformer, an electrician if we are unable to find a skilled volunteer, a pump house for the control panel for the pump, and security fencing around the pump.  
    There are three causes of my nervousness.
    We have pledges for $80398 from 6 districts....that is a $30000 gap.
    First nervousness....A Canadian Club is processing proposal for a $6000 club donation and a $6000 commitment from their district in DDF funding....this will result in a total of $20568 after reducing for the 5% RF administrative fee and matches.
    Second nervousness...A Calififornia Club is doing the same with a $2500 club pledge and a $2500 request from DDF...resulting in $8570 after RF fe and matches.
    Those two would bring us to $109496.00
    And my third nervousness....we have raised $8200 from District 5930 clubs.  In order to get the full $20,000 in District 5930 Designated Funds I need to raise $1800 more from clubs in our district   Th District and RF matches are already figured in and so this would add after RF fees $1713 to our pledges bringing our total available to $111209...allowing us to build the pump house and fencing.  The balance of still needed quotes could be factored into contingency costs.
    That is where club presidents come in....please consider making a pledge before the end of March 15 with payment due in June.  Consider assigning your personal or club RF donations to this grant GG2098119....this cannot be done until after the grant is approved in June.
    Thanks for considering all this!  5000 people are depending on this.
                                Yours in Rotary
                                  Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras
                                  Port Isabel Texas Rotary Club
                                  PO Box 1733
                                  Port Isabel Texas 78578