On May 8, 2023, the Rotary Club of Aransas Pass had the pleasure of hearing a presentation from Tom Plumb, Founder of Hands to Honduras, a 501(c)(3) organization. Tom told that in May 1999, post Hurricane Mitch, he volunteered to go to Honduras with his Rotary District Governor, District 7850, to see what the District could do. They initially constructed low cost shelters in Danli, Choluteca, Tegucigalpita and Marcala. However, over the last 24 years, the project has grown to include procuring clean water, toilet facilities, kinder and elementary schools, computers, medical equipment and additional facilities to meet the needs of the people.  Additionally, the project has expanded to include the villages of Tesorito, Colon, Panama, Masicales, Las Cabras, Agua Amarilla, Maranones, Temolino, Lional, Cristales and Guadalupe Carney to name a few. All funding has come from Rotary Grants, Rotary Clubs in Vermont and Texas and many individual donors who recognize the importance of the work being done.  Tom essentially conveyed that he “accidently” went to Honduras in 1999 to help with a post hurricane project and 24 years later he has made it his home and his life work.  All without personal financial compensation. Additional information with pictures can be found at handstohonduras.com and Tom can be contacted at tomplumb315@yahoo.com
Submitted by Karen Gayle,
Rotary Club of Aransas Pass
May 11, 2023