Dear Funders of two Rotary $30,000 Global Scholarships for Anja Nikolova with copies to other friends in Rotary;
Anja has forwarded to me an advance copy of the March magazine, well OK a picture of two pages from the magazine, and they are attached.
To provide a little background I am sending along my earlier email of February 7.
The Ghana project that Anja refers to in the article was funded on December 23 in the amount of $106,000 with 10 Districts and 12 Clubs contributing.
Thanks for your phone call yesterday. I confirmed with the communications staff that Anja’s story will be running in the March edition of The Rotarian which will come out later this month. I’ll be excited to read the article.
Anja is the recipient of two $30,000 Rotary Global Scholarships the first year funded by District 5890 in Texas and her second year by five districts – 5840, 5930 and 5890 in Texas, 5770 in Oklahoma and 7980 in Connecticut. Thank y’all for your support.
She has spoken at a Foundation Seminar of D 5890 in Houston and will speak at the Foundation Recognition Dinner of D 5770 in Oklahoma in late March.
Anja will graduate this May with a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and “I am looking for sustainability, consulting, and fashion jobs in NYC. Also the UN or World Bank. basically anything in sustainability.”
You can see here the seminar I was invited to and presented at, in Venice, Italy at the University. 
Thank you Murat Celik in Istanbul for bringing this young lady to our attention. Murat is a PDG of D2420 in Turkey and currently serves as the special representative for the non-district clubs in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.
And special thanks to the Rotary Club of New Haven for being such wonderful hosts for Anja during these two years. She is constantly reminding me what a kind and helpful group of Rotarians you have in your club. Thank you Colin Gershon.
Finally an assist to Andy Smallwood for suggesting that I invite The Rotarian to do a story on Anja.
GG 1529522 and GG 1638267.
Bill Davis
Rotary Cadre Technical Adviser
The Rotary Foundation