The first Young Professional Summit in our Zone is modeled after one in 2014 hosted by RI with Rotarians under 40 from across the U.S. 
The purpose of the summit is to bring together younger Rotarians and get them fired up about becoming more engaged in their clubs and districts.
We want these Rotarians
to come back excited about helping our clubs grow both in size and relevance in our communities. 
The best thing about the YP Summit is that it gives young Rotarians the opportunity to experience Zone for only $50. Our YP organizers were blown away by the caliber of speakers and the fellowship at Zone last year! Many Rotarians--especially the younger ones--don't even know Zone exists. And they certainly can't afford to attend if they do know about it. With the home stay option we're arranging, the $50 registration in lieu of the usual $100's, and some scholarships for airfare, this should be very accessible to them.  There won't be another opportunity like this for some time.