Global water grant serving 1138 families in 8 rural villages

Hi fellow Rotarians,
   I am now in Honduras and am starting to write the Global Grant since we are so very close to raising the money needed for the grant.  I had missed the new 5% contribution fee imposed by the Rotary Foundation...that increased our base amount from $125,000.00 to $131,250.00.  We are $895.00 short of this amount.  So obviously it would be great if someone could put us over the top.
   Our water project in Silin is progressing well...I have attached a couple of photos of the new tank.  They have been laying the pipeline and have added the 30 home community of Costa Azul to their project.
   Now it is time to start raising funds for our February work crews.  Initially, we have plans for a new kindergarten classroom in April the 25th and a sediment filter in the Pech Indian village of Moradel.  Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated...and it would be great if we could raise enough to do more.
   Thank you for your support of our projects to improve the educational opportunities for and the health of the people of Honduras!  Donations (tax deductible) can be sent to Hands to Honduras, Inc., PO Box 1733, Port Isabel Texas 78578. Project Funding overview.
                       Tom Plumb, Hands to Honduras
                       Port Isabel Rotary Club