As you approach the new Rotary year, your Zone Regional team has three (3) exciting opportunities for your club's Trilogy Continuum (Foundation, Membership, and Public Image, Chairs).

1. October 24, 2019: World Polio Day: One Day. One Focus: Ending Polio

2. February 16-22, 2020: Rotary Showcase: One Week. One Focus: Rotary Showcase Week

3. People of Action Planning Tool for Rotary Clubs

The Trilogy Continuum Team’s efforts working together are more significant than working separately.
It all starts with PUBLIC IMAGE. This has a direct impact on:
  • Attracting new members,
  • Engaging new and current members and
  • Retaining your current members.
This directly impacts your FOUNDATION giving and projects;
The work of your Foundation builds your PUBLIC IMAGE on the world stage and in your own communities.
The synergy of working together, will provide better results and greater success than ever before.
If there is any way one of us or our team may assist you, please let us know.
Best regards,
Rotary Coordinator (RC), Debbie High
Eric Liu, Regional Public Image Coordinator (RPIC)
Art Zeitler, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (RRFC)
5730 - Texas Panhandle and South Plains (RY 2020-21 - New Zone 26 Region 33>
5750 - (DOES NOT ATTEND LSPETS) <RY 2020-21 New Zone 31 Region 38>
5770 - SW Oklahoma <RY 2020-21 New Zone 31 region 38>
New Zones 25B and 29
5790 - North Central Plans area of Texas
5810 - North Texas
5840 - South Central Texas
5890 - Greater Houston Area
5930 - South Texas