• Strategic planning is not top down – its grass roots up. 
  • We need to hear the voices of our members to help identify the strategic path forward for our Rotary clubs and our district.
  • Join us Saturday, May 9th at 9 am for a fun, interactive Zoom meeting to help us decide where our district should go next as we develop a shared vision of the future.
For the Kahoot game:
- It is recommended to you use a computer to attend the Zoom meeting and your smart phone to participate in the Kahoot game.
- You DO NOT need to download the Kahoot app.
- On your smartphone, when it is time to play Kahoot, you go to safari/google/yahoo and type in 
- On, you will see a screen which will ask for a pin number.
- On your computer (in the zoom meeting), a pin number will show on the screen and I will send it in the chat as well, which you will simply type in on your phone, select a username, and you are in the game
- All the questions will show up on zoom and you respond on your phone
- We will collect all the data/answers on the back-end and the poll percentage will show up on the screen after question