May 2023
From District Governor
What a great weekend at our District Conference and Assembly.
Did you see Wizard Andy?!! DGE Luis will be Magic!
And Membership should be appearing everywhere, so get out your magic wands and tap all your friends to join Rotary!
     Poof 💨 there is magic in Membership!
We still have some especially important work to do in this month of May. Our District has really been underperforming in our contributions to support the Rotary International Foundation.
The goals we have all set for this year average $100 per Rotarian and so far, we have delivered $57 per member - I know we are capable of much more.
It is that time of year to recognize your club members and fellow Rotarians by letting them know how much they mean to you and Rotary by awarding a Paul Harris Fellow to them.

Let us do that now, this month! To wait means we will be sending in our orders with every other Club in June and the turnaround time for having their pins will be slow. It’s time to act!
Just a Friendly reminder- contributions come back to you after 3 years at RI. This year’s contributions are held by the Foundation and 47.5% comes back for District Designated Grants and another 47.5% comes back for Global Grants. So your contributions impact both your Community and the World!
And we have one more Grant Training seminar this May. Your Club President is required to have that Training along with one other Club Member to submit a Grant Request. It would be best for your Club to have the 2023-24 President Elect also attend to be able to engage for this year and the next year  And, of course, your Club Foundation Chair MUST know the material, so they need to be there too! Without these Key Three Leaders your club will be UNABLE to participate and get funds back to help you with your projects! Do Not Miss Out!
The process we all should use is:
First attend the Grants Training Meeting May 6th, 2023!
Second design a good Community Project.
Third, use the Club Runner Form to fill in the necessary information.
Submit the Grant Request early in July!!   July! Yes.  EARLY July like July 10th or 15th!
Think about this- Your new President must have His or Her’s project designed, reviewed, and submitted in the FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THEIR TERM TO MEET THE DEADLINE,
THEREFORE, this Grant Training is a Must- preparing it now is a MUST to have it done by July 1,  2023!
See you all at Grant Training.
Thank you, for each and every one of you!
Kent Grier, District Governor 2022-2023
THANKS TO ALL ATTENDEES to the District Conference at Corpus Christi! 
*The official pictures will be posted soon.
May is Rotary’s Youth Service Month! Throughout the month, Rotarians, Rotaractors, and young leaders in the Rotary family, including Interactors and RYLA and Rotary Youth Exchange participants, celebrate the service, leadership development, connections, and FUN of Rotary’s programs for young leaders. Join us by recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of your youth participants and the members who empower them!
*Dateline is May 15th
Adissyn from Area 8 and Homeschooled Interactor won the Four-Way Test Speech Contest 2023. Congratulations to her, all participants, sponsors, advisors, clubs, and to District Chair Tim Dowling for another successful event! 
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Grant Management Training Sessions
May 06, 2023
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
District Rotary Foundation Team Seminar
May 20, 2023
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Interact Los Fresnos organized Project Ignition
To recognize young leaders working together for the common good, we're highlighting Los Fresnos Interact Club and their service project: Project Ignition.
Interactors at Los Fresnos High School, USA, organized Project Ignition to educate their community on driver safety awareness. Feeling inspired? The National Youth Leadership Council sure was! The Los Fresnos Interact Club has had such a significant impact on their Texas, USA community that they were invited to speak about their service project at the 34th Annual National Service-Learning Conference, where they motivated fellow young leaders to keep changing the world through meaningful service. #GlobalYouthServiceDay #GYSD23
Call to Action! Copyright Trolls Pursuing Rotary Clubs
Clubs continue to post images and other media (cartoons, songs, etc) online in disregard of copyright laws, resulting in a considerable increase in claims activity under the U.S. Rotary Club & District Liability Insurance Program ("Program"). Over 40% of the Program's open claims now pertain to copyright infringement. Since claims activity determines state-by-state insurance assessment rates, your club could raise the rates for all of the clubs in your state.
#Rotary23 is just around the corner! Will you be joining us in Melbourne? We hope to see you there! 

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People of Action helps define Rotary for those who don’t know us. We’re professional, community, and civic leaders who connect with each other and who share a unique perspective and passion for taking action to improve the world. Describing and showing ourselves as people of action creates a personal connection to Rotary and emphasizes the impact we make in our communities.