Kent B. Grier
District Governor 2022-2023
District 5930, South Texas
Kent Grier has been a Rotarian from the Victoria Northside Rotary, Texas since 1996.
He served as President of the club from 2003-2004, preparing for the Rotary Centennial.
His President-Elect that year, J.D. Simpson, went on to become not only Northside’s President but also District Governor from 2012-2013. At which time JD returned the favor by asking him to be his Assistant Governor for their old Area 2. Following his three-year term under DG Art Zeitler and DG Maxie Houser he was asked to serve as District Treasurer for DG Debbie High in 2016-17, and then back to the Assistant Governor in D5930 Area 2. Without any rest for good behavior, he continued to serve Area 2 as Assistant Governor until he was selected as District Governor Elect Designate in January 2020 and trained for the position as District Governor throughout 2020 and 2021.
Kent is a Paul Harris Fellow plus 8, a member of the Paul Harris Society, and a Rotary Major Donor Level 1. He also received the Cliff Dochterman Award by the International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians.
Kent graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Business and Economics in 1973 and married his wife Peggy the week after graduating.  Their 50th wedding anniversary will be June 1, 2023. They have four grown children, all married, and 9 grandchildren ages 1 – 19 years old.  
Kent received an American Bankers’ Association certificate from the University of Illinois Graduate School of Investments in 1979 and taught at the Bank Administration Institute Banking School, the University of Wisconsin, Madison for 5 summers until 1985. He was the Chief Financial Officer for FISER Investments in Orange, California, and moved to Texas in 1989 after its successful sale to Wedbush Securities, Los Angeles. He had been a Vice President of Investments for Victoria Bank and Trust, A.G. Edwards and Sons, and Wells Fargo Financial Advisors until his retirement on December 31, 2019.
He is now attending the Graduate School of Business at the University of Houston, Victoria.