Meet the District Governor 2023-2024
Luis Cavazos
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2022-2023 Rotary District Governor Kent Grier
Official Club Visit
Assistant Governor’s Protocol & Checklist

The highlight for an Assistant Governor is the Club Visits.

The annual Club visits by the District Governor (DG) will be between July – December. 5930 Rotary District is divided into 13 Areas and the club visits. A schedule calendar has been prepared that lists when areas will meet with the DG. In addition, the DG will meet separately with the individual Board of Directors from each club on the assigned date as shown on the schedule calendar.

For the “Traditional” District Governor (DG) club visit option

 Allow 25-40 minutes for the DG as the club’s only “program.”
 If an overnight stay is required, clubs are pay for hotel charges only.
o Send a copy of room reservation to DG & District Governor’s Aide (DG Aide)
o Send contact of person of reservation to DG & DG Aide
 It is also customary for the club(s) to pay for meal(s) for the DG and guest associated with the “official” visit. The Assistant Governor (AG) will accompany the DG on the official club visits. It is thoughtful for the clubs to pay for the AG’s meal(s) on “official” visits.
 For the evening meetings with the board, could be at club meeting location, quiet restaurant or a Rotarian’s home.
 The Club President introduces the Assistance Governor (AG).
 The AG introduces the DG, and it is customary for Rotarians and guest to stand when DG is introduced.
 Optional personal gifts and a contribution to PolioPlus or The Rotary Foundation on behalf of the District Governor’s visit.
 There are no dietary restrictions for the DG or guest.
 Work closely with the Lt Governor Executive AGs & District Governor Aide.

The Assistant Governor’s Checklist


 Communicate or visit with area club president before the club visits.
 Visit the area clubs prior to the DG visit as a guest not a guest speaker if time permits.
 Share the club’s visits schedule calendar and etc. with clubs presidents and/or club secretary.
 Suggest visiting with the club president at-least 4 weeks prior to the DG schedule visit.
 Discuss the different between the board meeting and club meeting with the area clubs.
 Discuss the Protocol & Checklist of the meetings.
 Discuss the plan from the DG for board and club meeting.
 Discuss the hotel accommodations.
 Recommend to the club president to meet with their board of directors and officer prior to DG visit to be prepared.
 Meet again with area clubs the DG clubs visit one week prior to the Governor’s visit.
 Discuss the “Thank You District Governor’s Gift” optional
 Notify any changes to LT. Governor Executive AGs and DG Aide.
 Communicate with club president, governor’s aide and/or Lt Governor of AGs as often needed.
During Board Meeting
 Start on time.
 Everyone wears a nametag.
 Acknowledgement of District Leadership Team and/or Past District Governor(s) if present.
 Board members/officers bring their notebook for the year 2021-22 to discuss “Key Issues” see below.
 Club president introduces all board of directors and officers with title and then DG.
 Optional: Club highlights of previous years; flyers, brochures, photos and/or awards.
 An AG or board member takes photos during and after meeting.

During Club Meeting
 Start on time.
 Everyone wears a nametag.
 Acknowledgement of District Leadership Team and/or Past District Governor(s) if present.
 Prepare an agenda by club presidents.
 Club President introduces the Assistance Governor.
 Assistance Governor introduces the District Governor.
 A club member takes photos during and after meeting.
Some key issues to discuss with the Board of Directors/Officers:
 Club Plan of Action
 Club & District Goals
 Club Budget
 Officers and Board of Directors duties
 Club committees & duties
 Club Assembly
 Foundation
 Membership
 Public Image
 District committees: RYLA, RLI and etc.
 Service Projects: Local & International
 District Visioning Team (formerly Strategic Planning)
 Club Bylaws and Constitution
 Discuss 5930 District website, Club Runner, My Rotary, Club Rotary Club Central and etc.
 Attend trainings, conferences, and assemblies.
 Other club initiatives or questions of interest that club would like to discuss.

** AG takes notes at meetings.