A visit to the Texas State Aquarium is a chance to connect with nature…and protect nature.

And your experience here isn’t just a vacation, it’s a contribution to conservation.

That’s because your visit helps support environmental education programs, scientific research, beach cleanups, and the rescue of sick and injured birds and sea turtles. During your visit, you’re not just making memories, you’re making a difference.

Do all this and have some Rotary Fellowship!

May 1  Fun starts at 6 pm
Dinner & Family Fun at the Texas State Aquarium - $25
This is a night for fun and fellowship. Meet and greet family members, Rotarians from all over the district, and of course the animals and fish of the Aquarium.
IBC Bank wants us to enjoy this evening with our family and friends, so they have generously donated so that the cost is only $25 per person. No charge for children 5 years and under. Please bring your children and grandchildren to this special event.
We won’t have access to the entire aquarium, but will have access to the Caribbean exhibit and new Shark tank area. Watch the website for details; see if we can add more areas.
Interested in seeing more areas of the Aquarium - Help us by sponsoring an area or show. Expand what we can do and see at the Texas State Aquarium on Friday night:
  • Parrot show - $200
  • Raptor show - $200
  • Mammal-porcupine show - $200
  • Dolphin show - $750
  • Dive/Feeding demo - $500
What do you get as a sponsor:
  • Marketing as Sponsor on all District media platforms
  • Social Media Recognition, District website & mobile app logo with links
  • Program Recognition
Please contact any one of these folks if you want to be a sponsor or need more information: