Members of Boy Scout Troop 232 and Southside Rotary club members honored fallen servicemen and women by placing flags around the Country Club Townhomes area May 21st in observance of Memorial Day weekend.  Hundreds of flags are put up around Corpus Christi on national holidays through this project.
Flag Project sponsors help fund camp scholarships and troop projects. To learn more about Southside Rotary or to join our club, visit the website find us on Facebook!  

Photo Credit:  Lari Young 

Pictured (left to right) Robert Mealer, Levi Chatham, Darrelle Clark, Wyatt Johnson, John Satterwhite, William Neisser, Jaden Alvro, Chance Roos, Justin Mealer

Southside Rotarians not pictured: Elain Barnes, Nancy Ross, Rodney Vaughn, Lari Young