Rotary is Family.  We annually celebrate the lives of those Rotarians and spouses of Rotarians who have passed from this life.  Do you know of such Rotary Family Member who passed since June 2019?
Your contribution of the following information, concerning those who have died, will ensure that recognition of our Rotary Family Member is given.
Please submit the following information as soon as possible:
  • Full Name
  • Club Name
  • Date of Birth and Date of Death
  • Rotary club Offices/Positions held and any other noteworthy Rotary achievements
  • A JPG photo in color, if possible, of the deceased
The information is currently being compiled by Sonata Sanchez of Rio Grande City Rotary Club and all information can be sent to her at sonata1956_jrs@yahoo.com.
If you are unable to provide all of the requested information, please send what you have.
The above information is needed ASAP and prior to April 15, 2020, if possible.
Thank you for your kind cooperation in planning for this special Celebration of Life.  Please email info or questions to me at sonata1956_jrs@yahoo.com.